Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Since when is Second Hand more than New?

Okay, so for my first official blog entry, I am going to rant a little.

So today, I went to the local kids' second hand store to look for a pair of inexpensive sandals for my one year old after having no luck at the mall. I had no luck at the second hand store either, but was shocked to see that the EXACT SAME pair of Walmart aquasocks that I had contimplated buying for my daughter at $6.97 brand new, were $6.99 at the second hand store!

Now, I understand that the store owner has to make a living, but seriously, the shoes were used! You really do have to be a savvy shopper to make sure you are not getting duped these days. Why would I pay the same for used clothing when I can get it new (albeit on sale) for virtually the same price! I'll admit that for higher end clothing like Gap or Gymboree second hand is a good choice, but even Gymboree is reasonable when it is on sale.

The same store has been charging way too much for baby gear and toys as well, I say skip the middle man and check out Craig's List, Kijiji or a Mom-to-Mom Sale.

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