Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mom to Mom Sale Vendor FAQ's

Q. How much does it cost to rent a table?

A. Tables are $30 each, $32 if you pay via Pay Pal. There are no other costs to you.

Q. How much can I expect to make at a Mom to Mom Sale as a vendor?

A. This varies according to what you have to sell and what the buyers happen to be looking for. Every sale is different, sometimes you sell everything and sometimes you have things that nobody wants. It is a good idea to sort clothing into sizes, seasons and gender and use racks if you have them. You might have great stuff, but if shoppers have to dig for it they might be inclined to shop at your neighbour's table if it easier for them to access. We provide the shoppers, you have to do the selling! With hundreds of potential buyers walking by your table you could easily find yourself making $100 at the low end, $350 on average and upwards of $1000 at the high end. Again, it will all depend on what you have to sell. If you've got lots of large items expect to make more, if you are only selling clothing don't expect to make $1000 (although it has been done).

Q. How should I price my items?

A. In general I always recommend selling for no more than half of what you would have paid for it new, and on sale, particularly with clothing. Buyers don't want to buy you used clothing for the same price that they can get it on sale new. New clothing still needs to be cheaper than retail. Remember, your items are USED, you got your use out of them now getting something back for them should be a bonus. If you want to sell high you risk not selling at all! Consider the hassle of putting something up on Ebay and shipping it, or taking the time to meet up with potential buyers and then remember that you've got someone willing to buy it right infront of you. Sell things that you aren't emotionally attached to.

Q. Can I bring a helper?

A. Yes, I highly recommend that you bring a helper to give you a break when you need one and to help keep a watchful eye on your goods.

Q. What can I expect on Sale Day?

A. You can expect it to be EXTREMELY busy for the first hour and a half, all of the die hard bargain hunters will be lined up waiting for the doors to open. The crowd slows down to a steady pace after that and it is usually slow during the last hour or so which allows vendors to relax a bit, slash prices, do some shopping of their own and gradually pack up.

Q. What are my responsibilities?

A. You are responsible for the set up and take down of your table and area. You may have to move your table into place and you will definitely have to move your table to a designated space at the end of the sale. You must not leave any garbage behind, take everything you have left back home. By doing this you help keep the cost of table rentals down, as the cost of a cleaning crew would result in additional costs to vendors.

You are also responsible for the items you sell, please ensure that the items you sell meet current safety standards (especially for things like car seats, cribs, play yards, bassinets, cradles, baby gates, swings etc. ) as outlined on the following link

You are also responsible for the safety of your area, make sure that nothing can fall over and that there is nothing sticking out into the aisle that could pose a safety or tripping hazzard.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Review on "The Chop House in Unionville"

Okay, so I'm guessing that all of you are kind of like me and don't get out to restaurants all that often now that you've got little ones in toe. Wouldn't it be nice that for the few times that you do go out you are guaranteed to have a good meal?

Well, "The Chop House" on Main Street Unionville certainly isn't the place to go. This restaurant looks very inviting because of it's large patio area, but be warned, no matter what you order, whether it be a soup, salad, entree or even coffee, you will wait, and wait, and wait for it to arrive.

The first time I went to the Chop House for lunch the food was fantastic, so I took my husband back there for dinner thinking that it would be even better. I couldn't have been more wrong. The waiter kept trying to pawn off some Porter House steak (we overheard the manager telling the waiter that they needed to unload it). Needless to say, we did not order that. My husband got a steak of some sort, it was fine. I wanted chicken because red meat wasn't sitting well with me in my pregnant state. Twenty minutes later the waiter came back to tell me that there wasn't any chicken left. Everything else on the menu was seafood or red meat. Tell me how you can run out of chicken when it is your only chicken dish? Of course, we waited patiently, then not so patiently to be served. In the end we filled out our comment card with anything but rave reviews and decided that we wouldn't return.

The next time that we decided to give the place another chance we ended up leaving because we got so fed up of waiting so long to be served by a waiter that we knew it wasn't a good sign of things to come.

Why we tried again, I'm not sure, but we did and this time just for coffee and tea. 20 minutes later they came back without the coffee and told me that they didn't have decaf tea. Great.

Today we gave The Chop House another chance hearing that it was under new management and had a new menu (but this was only after realizing that the restaurants that we wanted to go to were packed). We should have known better. A good 10 minutes passed before we ever saw our waiter and at least 25 minutes until we got some water. Meals arrived after we had been there 50 minutes. My squash soup was salty, so salty that I could barely taste the squash. My salad had only 1/5 of the ingredients advertised in the menu. Disgusted I sent it back and didn't have them prepare another. My husband got butter chicken that tasted good enough, but sadly I saw that it was food prepared elsewhere and simply heated up on site. The rice and peas were dried up and our cold sweet potatoe fries were anything but plentiful for the $6/7 we paid for them. We talked to the manager who couldn't really offer any excuses or apologies and I told him that the restaurant already had a bad reputation amongst the locals. It looks like "The Chop House" is living up to it's bad reputation with flying colours. I did tip the waiter, afterall, she was only one of the two servers taking care of the entire restaurant.

For all it's worth, go eat just about anywhere else on Main Street Unionville and you'll have a much better experience service and food wise.

If you've got some suggestions for great places to eat, or places to avoid in Markham please feel free to post!